Terms of Services

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Social Exchanges is for individuals and corporate or agencies who want to become popular in social media to advertise their brand awareness and for whom those want to engender a higher rank on search engines.
We allow all users to do like, follow, subscribe anyone they want to or can reject anyone they don’t want to like, follow, subscribe or view. We have various bonus options which will provide you endless possibilities to earn coins, you can get unlimited bonus coins earn 1000 coins on every 1000 coins you earn on the go ; we will never limit you coins earnings in future.


We will never promote “hacking | adult | porn | political | criminal | terror messages | abuse or illegal” activity page, or any depiction of a minor in the above post, our active monitoring system itself check each page content to ensure quality.
-Never apply any kind of code to promote spam, as our system actively record your IP location, DNS, and ISP Provider and other sensitive information’s.